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Dusty Springclean And The Pops

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Dusty Springclean and the Pops are a five piece pop group from Melbourne Australia.
Playing original pop songs that the kids all dig and complete with groovy matching threads, fab dance steps and 'now' hair styles The Pops are the coolest group in town.
Dusty Springclean - Vocals
Elwood Canal – Electric Guitar, vocals
Paula McCarthorse – Electric Bass, vocals
Drongo Starr – Drumkit, vocals
Cortina Turner – Chick singer


Get groovy! Practice your dance moves along with the Pops!

"Hello Julia" by Lush with Elwood Canal and Paula McCarthorse
I was hanging out at Blazz Studios with Ben Rogers and Nikki Scarlett, when two of Dusty Springcleans band 'The Pops' dropped by so we did this beautiful song..
I think the words are right
You look just like a movie star, I offered you a breakfast bar
But you don't really care for muesli do ya.
I asked you if you need a lift,
just climb inside my Suzuki Swift,
I just wanted to say "Hello Julia"
Hello Julia

When your world gets too crazy, remember this... No it's gone, I can't remember, just rock out!
The Pops sing "This Boy" by The Beatles..


Nothing right now but just you wait! It'll be fab! Be there or be square (wherever "there" might be...)


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